Of clocks and clouds


Of Clocks and Clouds is a psychedelic electronic rock group, born and raised in Brooklyn. Live For Live Music featured the band in their December 2017 playlist, and called them: "A sonic force worth the experience." And that the 3 piece: "Has the potential to make a serious run at the big time."


Their first single, “What You Need,” was featured as the “Song of the Day” on the site A Music Blog, Yea?  In 2015 they were ranked among the Top 25 Best New Music Critiques by Music Connection Magazine, and their first album, “YOU,” received critical acclaim and worldwide spins.


In 2016 the group – the duo of Joe Salgo and Ross Procaccio - released their second album, “Better Off,” showcasing eight tracks of “radio-ready alt rock jams, spacey instrumentally focused tracks and even a futuristic ‘80s ballad,” according to Myspace.com. The Examiner called their single "She Had to Go" an "Epic Breakup Anthem," while The Au Review called the song “a slice of rock reminiscent of the Queens of Stone Age” that channels “hurt and emotional grief through some aggressive and intensifying music.


The band’s live shows are a hard-hitting psychedelic barrage that pushes the senses to their limits.  Of Clocks and Clouds is looking to forge their way into your heart, mind and soul.

guitar, vocals / Joe Salgo
drums, vocals / Ross Procaccio
keys / Dylan DeFeo
bass /  Max Devlin